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Independent new media journalist Yvette Nielsen speaks from hands-on experience as a content creator, consultant, trainer, and award-winning writer and sub-editor.

She has written a web site review column since 1997 and was ABC Radio Queensland's weekly radio "cyber scribe" from 2001 to 2003.

Her own free e-newsletter and web site - brizcomm.com.au - won the national Smart Communities category in the 2002 Asia Pacific ICT Awards.

Yvette spent 11 years as a print journalist on Australian and Fleet Street newspapers and magazines before seeing the light of the modem.

After leaving newspapers in 1995, she worked as a freelance writer, editor, marketer, university tutor and lecturer.

Since 1996, she has specialised in online content, reviewing web sites and sharing her skills in gathering, structuring, writing and promoting compelling online information.

Yvette provides in-house workshops, content strategies, information architecture, writing/editing, and site and e-newsletter critiques for government and business.

Yvette pioneered content training in Australia in 1998 and has inspired thousands of people through her fast, fun and friendly web-writing and e-newsletter workshops.

Yvette's international guest-speaking gigs include the BBC's New Media Editorial Conference in London (May 2002), Internet Content West in Los Angeles (June 2001), and Asia Business Forums in Seoul and Singapore (2000, 2001).

She was web writer on a project that won the Australian Financial Review/Telstra Internet Award for Best Software in 1997.

Yvette has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Journalism and Government) from the University of Queensland and did a year of a Masters research degree in online communication in 2000 before being invited to embark on her PhD through Queensland University of Technology.

Yvette has a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training along with extensive experience as a university lecturer and tutor.

She was one of a select group on the Asia Pacific ICT Awards Panel of Experts (Australia) and an Expert Panel member (Content) for the International ICT Awards.

Yvette has been a judge for the Australian Schools Web Challenge and the Asia-Pacific Queensland IT&T Awards.

See her list of clients or contact Yvette via yvette@brizcomm.com.au

Yvette Nielsen...benchmarking online content

Phone - 61 (0) 41 771 8683
E-mail - yvette@brizcomm.com.au
Web - brizcomm.com.au - where content is queen
Postal address - 37 Hannan Crescent, Ainslie, ACT 2602 Australia


"Thank you very much for speaking at the BBC's New Media Editorial Conference, running the training workshops and inspiring so many people. We are privileged to have had a passionate writer, who knows her stuff, motivating us to create even better content." - Jonathan Halls, Manager, BBC Training (New Media), London.

"The workshop was fan-bloody-tastic! I felt a bit brain-dead the next day...but looking forward to getting into it. You're an inspiration!" - Louise Ralph, www.econnect.com.au

"I have found the brizcomm newsletter to be not only informative but very entertaining. I have been able to do research through the articles and apply new and improved ways of operating my own business, which is Internet based. Keep up the fantastic work!" - Jamie Brammah, www.myhealthspecials.com.au

"I really like your writing style - it has so much energy. I reviewed a number of your past newsletters and was very impressed with your writing style. You have the ability to succinctly detail items and topics that are usually dull, boring and generally tedious to non 'techy' people." - Art Gibietis, President & CEO, Baltic Enterprises, LLC, US

"This is from Kiwi land just to say that I enjoy your newsletter better than any other news item I receive. You have a great sense of humour and I bet you're good looking as well." - Leo Taillie, New Zealand

"I have only been listening to your spot on the ABC this year. In the past I had been listening to & registered with a lass known as Miss Megabyte. Your time on radio & web site is a lot better. As far as the book goes I shall leave it up to you & I may possibly find another ineresting site again & send it to you." - Warren Gavin, Brisbane

"You have no idea how valuable your Surf Club is to this old wrinkly, who finds things electronic still a little strange.Please keep up the good work." - Peter Kemp, Brisbane.

"I felt I had to tell you how much I look forward to your Surf Club feature each week. As I'm a teacher I find it has a lot of value for my students and I frequently refer them to interesting sites, which you have reviewed." - Mary-Lou Horner, Brisbane.

"I wish to congratulate you for finding new web sites each week…I have found many interesting ways of surfing the net, faxing free on the Internet, sending cards, and lately visiting the Power House, playing with colour tests and using a time zone converter which is very convenient as I correspond with friends all over the world. I hope you will keep the good work." - Philip Morlet, Brisbane.


Art Gibietis, President & CEO, Baltic Enterprises, LLC - www.strangecosmos.com

WORLD FAMOUS! We just received word from a well-respected journalist in Australia that they have reviewed our site and included StrangeCosmos.com in their recent newsletter. Additionally, they discussed our site during their weekly Radio Show on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company). Obviously, this woman has superior taste and sophistication beyond just talent and insight. Yvette Nielsen - you are cool! Her organization, brizcomm (www.brizcomm.com.au) provides online content benchmarking, consulting, workshops and a newsletter which highlights timely Internet related tips, information and interesting links. It is crisply written and easily readable for those of us not into the technical bits and bytes of today's computer systems and programs.


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