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brizcomm Pty Ltd began life in 1997 as a communication consultancy based in Brisbane, capital of the Australian State of Queensland (hence the name "briz" + "comm").

Former newspaper journalist Yvette Nielsen set up the company as an umbrella for her freelance editorial business and web site.

Yvette is now based in Sydney but brizcomm's core business is still consulting and training in online content and authentic communication.

She has a certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training along with extensive experience as a university lecturer and tutor.



brizcomm.com.au has hosted Yvette's weekly web site reviews for ABC and 4BC radio, various magazines and newspapers since May 1997.

In January 2000, Yvette launched a free weekly e-newsletter before re-launching in the site in April 2001 with an online jobs database and online booking and payment service.


Independent new media journalist Yvette Nielsen speaks from hands-on experience as a content creator, consultant, and award-winning writer and sub-editor.

She has written a web site review column since 1997 and was ABC Radio Queensland's weekly radio "cyber scribe" from 2001 to 2003.

Her own free e-newsletter and web site - brizcomm.com.au - won the national Smart Communities category in the 2002 Asia Pacific ICT Awards.

Yvette spent 11 years as a print journalist on Australian and Fleet Street newspapers and magazines before seeing the light of the modem.

After leaving newspapers in 1995, she worked as a freelance writer, editor, marketer, university tutor and lecturer.

Since 1996, she has specialised in online content, reviewing web sites and sharing her skills in gathering, structuring, writing and promoting compelling online information.

Yvette provides in-house workshops, content strategies, information architecture, writing/editing, and site and e-newsletter critiques for government and business.

Yvette pioneered content training in Australia in 1998 and has inspired thousands of people through her fast, fun and friendly web-writing and e-newsletter workshops.

Yvette's international guest-speaking gigs include the BBC's New Media Editorial Conference in London (May 2002), Internet Content West in Los Angeles (June 2001), and Asia Business Forums in Seoul and Singapore (2000, 2001).

She was web writer on a project that won the Australian Financial Review/Telstra Internet Award for Best Software in 1997.

Yvette has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Journalism and Government) from the University of Queensland and did a year of a Masters research degree in online communication in 2000 before being invited to embark on her PhD through Queensland University of Technology.

Yvette has a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training along with extensive experience as a university lecturer and tutor.

She was one of a select group on the Asia Pacific ICT Awards Panel of Experts (Australia) and an Expert Panel member (Content) for the International ICT Awards.

Yvette has been a judge for the Australian Schools Web Challenge and the Asia-Pacific Queensland IT&T Awards.

See her CV, a list of her clients or contact Yvette via yvette@brizcomm.com.au



November 2002 - winner of the Australian Smart Communities category of the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards  
December 2001 - International Association of Webmasters and Designers "Golden Web Awards"
March 2000 - Sofcom "Pick of the Net" award

November 1997 - Australian Financial Review/Telstra Internet Award - Best Software (see Financial Review article below).



Seven Pitfalls for Web Projects
Canberra Times (2004)
An by Yvette article explaining how to avoid common problems.

Chamber of Women in Business (Canberra) e-newsletter

News Media and New Media - The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook
Yvette writes a chapter on "PR and New Media in the Australian context" in Madanmohan Rao's book (2003)

Yvette's quoted in a book by UK writer Suzan St Maur

Not content to wait
Yvette's quoted in an article on content management for CIO.com (September 2002)

Email filters catch dolphins along with sharks
Yvette's article on email filtering and spam for Online Currents journal Vol. 17, No. 10 (December 2002)

Review of brizcomm e-newsletter
List-A-Day.com (July 2002)

Experts offer tips on usability
Yvette's quoted by new media guru Steve Outing in an article for Editor and Publisher (June 2002)

Yvette's quoted in e-newsletter article in The Courier-Mail's IT liftout (February 2002)

Hot Text - web writing that works
Yvette's quoted in advance reviews of Jonathan and Lisa Price's book (January 2002)

Review of brizcomm e-newsletter
ibiz Newsletters.com (June 2001)

If content is your weakest link...say goodbye jpg (247kb)
The Magazine for Working Women (2001)

The Internet revolution rolls on jpg (207kb)
Traveller (AFTA magazine, 2001)

Content is queen, not king (May 2001)

Content is your weakest link, goodbye
jpg (202kb) pdf (82kb)
Business Queensland (April 2001)

Content is queen - let's show her some respect
The One Umbrella Report spotlights Yvette's views on content (April 2001)

There's gold in them thar quills
Yvette writes a guest spot for Sydney journalist Philippa Yelland's feMail eUnuch column (April 2001)

Women and the Web jpg (123kb)
Brisbane News - Yvette features as one of five Brisbane women forging careers in cyberspace (November 2000)

Coronation contentment pdf (105kb) or jpg (136kb)
The Sydney Morning Herald (October 2000)
Australasia's self-proclaimed "content queen" is profiled in the Hot Jobs section

CASE Study - brizcomm (Computer Applications for Small Enterprises)
pdf 1 (121kb) & 2 (183kb) or jpg 1 (231 kb) & 2 (320kb)
Queensland Government Department of State Development (2000)

Words for webs jpg (169kb) pdf (225kb)
Queensland Writers' Centre News
Yvette is interviewed for an article about online opportunities for writers (October 1998)

Jellybean a jump ahead jpg (163kb) pdf (105kb)
The Australian Financial Review
Yvette celebrates her part as content writer for Jellybean Chat, winner of an Australian Internet Award for Best Software (November 1997)

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Web Content Management Workshop
E-newsletters & Blogs Workshop
Web Writing & Editing Workshop

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brizcomm is an online content vortal (vertical portal) offering a niche readership in a global marketplace.

Readers have come to expect original, credible content and attractive, user-friendly design - the message of Yvette's workshops and e-newsletter.

See a rates card or email yvette@brizcomm.com.au for latest server statistics.



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