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How to create great content

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Clear, concise, compelling, reader-focused content is the key to standing out in the information smog.

Technology is merely the tool you use to communicate.

Digital content creation demands specialist skills and a different mindset from traditional marketing, advertising or PR.

Australia's original content creation expert, journalist, editor, trainer and coach Yvette Nielsen knows her way around the online world - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yvette will help you get the best out of online media whether you're a professional communicator or 'citizen journalist'.

Contact her today or browse the archives of her free award-winning e-newsletter.

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Yvette Nielsen


"Thank you for the workshops and inspiring so many people. We are privileged to have had a passionate writer, who knows her stuff, motivating us to create even better content." - Jonathan Halls, Manager, BBC Training (New Media), London.

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